3' Spathiphyllum Bush

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Available from Artificial Plants Unlimited, the Spathiphyllum Bush is a smart choice for homeowners and business owners that want to have a Spathiphyllum Bush indoors without having to deal with the challenges of caring for a real bush. Also called the peace lily, the Spathiphyllum Bush is often found in cemeteries and funeral homes. This bush is known for its large gorgeous green foliage. The artificial Spathiphyllum Bush measures 3' tall, which makes this artificial plant perfect for both commercial properties and homes. Whether you place your artificial bush on a table and use as a tabletop plant or group with a variety of other plants in a large planter, this artificial bush looks amazingly like the real thing.

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Height 3'
Sizes 3'
Color Green
Type Flowering
Species Spathiphyllum
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