72in. Areca Palm Tree, Indoor

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Did you know that tropical houseplants do so much more for the home than offer a decorative finishing touch to dress up a dark corner or fill an empty hallway? They lift the spirits as soon as we walk through the door. Indoor palm trees bring to mind images of sunny beaches and exotic getaways. And even those homeowners who don't have any garden know-how can enjoy botanical bliss thanks to our lifelike fake indoor trees. Even from close up no one will realize that that your potted artificial palms aren't the real thing. Place a palm in your living room, hallway, or foyer to brighten up your welcome home.

Also called "butterfly palm trees" thanks to their feathery foliage, real areca palms are usually short-lived when grown indoors. They require lots of maintenance to thrive. That's why faux areca palms are a popular choice for both homeowners and commercial designers: no maintenance required. With spiky fronds in varied sizes and shades of green to depict both mature and new growth, these fake palms appear to be in the peak of growing perfect. Business owners won't have to hire gardeners to keep their tropical trees looking their best; and homeowners are free to leave for the weekend without worrying about watering.

With its dense foliage the areca palm was practically made for privacy screening. Let your business's functional space dividers do double duty as attractive décor when you "plant" these bushy palms in long planters or directly in the ground. A sturdy stake allows you to mount them in foam or concrete for a steadfast hold. Since our artificial indoor trees are made with UV-protected material they won't fade in sunny locations. Give a hotel or restaurant a tropical touch by lining a dining room or seating area with these cheerful trees.

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Height 72"
Material Plastic
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