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Artificial Trees Buying Guide

Artificial trees are more popular than ever for many reasons. Not only do the artificial trees of today look leaps and bounds better than those of years past, but the low-maintenance aspect is very appealing. And Artificial Plants Unlimited has been at the forefront of technology and design in the commercial artificial tree industry from their start. When you work with us, you're working with the preferred commercial artificial tree manufacturer and supplier for the biggest names in Hollywood, gaming, and hospitality for over 35 years.

As our flagship product, we've developed a collection of large artificial trees that look utterly real and are durable as they are beautiful. We offer variations made with fully fabricated trunks as well as with tree trunks fashioned from sustainably harvested natural wood.

Our broad range of large artificial tree options provides you with the capability to meet the faux tree specifications of any project - be it commercial or residential. Whether the call for large artificial trees is to furnish an outdoor plaza or adorn an elegant entrance, we have something on hand or will custom create something new for you.

Benefits, Features & Options

Large artificial trees provide a bevy of benefits to any property. Not only do they enhance the aesthetics of any location, but they also add an uplifting organic feel to any environment. They help set the stage for a pleasant experience. And they do so without the fickleness of their live counterparts. Watering, pruning, trimming, and re-potting are all out of the picture when you choose large artificial trees for your project.

All trees start at the hands of skilled artists and designers. We believe artificial trees should have an overall balanced appearance, but we also feel that slight imperfections are the key to a natural look. From the trunk and branches - to the foliage color and density, our commercial artificial trees feature an arbitrary, imperfect asymmetry found in nature. 

In our Natural Wood Trunk collection, we feature natural Oak, Gray Maple & Brown Elder for their slightly rugged, yet tidy appearance which works well in most design settings.

Our Fabricated Trunk collection uses hand-made molds cast from live bark for maximum realism. Further, as we’re a manufacturer, we can readily make large artificial trees and trunks in any height and diameter your project requires. No job is too difficult!

Over the years we've added to the list of options and extras we can add to any of our large artificial trees. Apart from the easy assembly and installation that comes standard with all our trees, we also offer basic options such as fire-retardant, UV protection, and custom sizes. In addition to these options, we also offer integrations such as: on-tree lighting, speakers, security cameras, and signage.

Tree BenefitsTree Benefits
Trees OptionsTrees Options

Species Options

  • There are hundreds of tree species out there. Do you know what kind you are looking for or are you exploring the options? If you’re not sure what type to go with, call an artificial tree expert, and we can most certainly help guide you with ideas and information.
  • And If you don’t see a specific tree type you need you can even send us a photo of the tree you would like to replicate so we can better assist you in your project. We have oftentimes been able to cross over and modify similar foliage types to create the same finished look.
  • If you’d like to explore our collections, we carry many popular species including:

Fabricated Trunks

  • Trunk type has a big impact on both the finished look as well as the cost of commercial artificial trees. The two main categories of tree trunks are Fabricated and Natural Wood Trunks.
  • Our fabricated trunks are painstakingly hand-carved and molded using a variety of exterior rated resins and poly materials to achieve different bark textures.
  • Using fabricated trunks is the recommended way to achieve the look of a mature tree with a large diameter trunk and branches. And don’t worry about the durability of a large artificial tree with a fabricated trunk. The top-notch quality of our materials ensures they will last for years and years both indoors or out, in hot zones or cool climates.
  • Because fabricated trunks offer a lot of design flexibility, we can also integrate some off-beat elements into our large artificial trees such as:
    • Point of sale stations
    • Product displays
    • Tabletops/seating
    • Mist systems
    • Keg and tap set-up
    • Television screens

Natural Wood Trunks

In the Natural Wood category, we have three options: Oak, Gray Maple & Brown Elder.

  • Gray Maple & Brown Elder trunks have a smaller diameter and a rough-barked texture. They are mainly used to create the look of multi-trunk “grove” trees such as Mahonia & Mangrove as well as smaller Ficus, Banyan, Pin Oak, or Olive trees.

    Our Gray Maple & Brown Elder trees are suitable for interior or exterior applications. For exterior use, we can apply a commercial-quality matte sealer to these trunks if weather exposure is a concern.
  • Natural Oak trunks are our most popular trunk type for large artificial tree projects due to the 6-9” diameter trunk size.

    Sustainable and locally sourced, Oakwood trunks will last for years, even in the outdoor sun. Plus, these trunks create a large, unique & natural-looking tree without the expense or production time of fabricated trunks.

Exposure to the Elements

  • Exposure (interior or exterior) is the main concern with foliage types. Will your large artificial trees be used indoors or outdoors? This is the #1 factor in deciding which type of foliage to go with - silk, fabric, or flexible resin.
  • For large artificial trees that will be used indoors, we’ll go with silk or fabric foliage. Interior foliage made of silk or fabric generally is a bit more realistic in appearance.
  • When starting the purchasing process, be sure to keep in mind any building codes. Some local building codes may require indoor foliage to be fire retardant. And we do offer this option on any of our commercial artificial trees - just ask!
  • Commercial artificial trees for outdoor use are a different story. Exterior foliage must be more durable to withstand exposure to harsh sunlight and inclement weather. This oftentimes requires that the leaves of outdoor faux plants to be made of a heavier material than those of interior foliage.
  • Strong winds and heavy snow can have a big impact on exterior artificial trees and can cause leaves and branches to bend out of place if not built accordingly. So definitely do let us know what kind of elements your designscape will be subjected to. We'll work to provide you with the perfect solution.

Assembly and Installation

  • Whenever possible, we design our trees to ship in a single piece for the easiest possible installation. 

  • If a tree is too large to be shipped in a single piece, we engineer a numbered system of pre-set screw attachment spots. This allows us to create very large artificial trees that can be put together on-site without the aid of a dedicated specialty contractor.

  • Any of our commercial artificial trees can be "planted" and shipped in one of our custom planters.
  • For in-ground or existing planter installations we offer mounts and weighted bases that can be buried or a welded steel baseplate that can be bolted down for stability.

Planter Options

  • We offer a mass array of customizable planters, manufactured alongside our artificial trees by our sister brand Planters Unlimited. Having two workshops under one roof means that you get two vendors in one! Artificial Plants Unlimited + Planters Unlimited.
  • By having Planters Unlimited as part of our process, your large artificial trees can be delivered already installed in the planters you've selected for the project. A nice convenience for those working on big projects with multiple vendors -- this means there is one less vendor to deal with!
  • The planter most often used for our large artificial trees is from the fiberglass Modern Collection by Planters Unlimited. This collection and many of their other planter collections come in over 25 color options and 4 different finishes - matte, semi-gloss, gloss, and sand.
  • Planters come in many standard sizes, but we can also have unusual, custom sizes built according to specifications. Planters also come with options and extras such as wheels and trellises.