84in. Indoor Boxwood Topiary - Three Tiers

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No-Hassle Artificial Boxwood Topiary

For classic natural elegance befitting an English manor house, you can't go wrong with decorative topiary trees. These simple yet showy manicured shrubs bring to mind Old World sophistication, especially when you add the fiberglass urn planter. This artificial boxwood topiary gives you all the decorative joy of a live topiary tree but takes away all of the maintenance hassle. If you want an ornamental focal point that you can set and forget, then this fake topiary is the perfect solution for your indoor living space. You get that upscale garden feel and none of the watering or trimming chores that go along with it!

Adding Sky-High Vertical Interest

Artificial topiaries are a wonderful way to add vertical interest to a space that would otherwise be uni-level. Measuring a generous 7' tall, this fake tree is sure to lead eyes up toward the ceiling, ensuring that every inch of your carefully planned interior décor gets noticed. This three-tiered boxwood topiary starts with a large lower ball measuring in at 20" in diameter, followed by a medium 18"-diameter ball, and topped with a smaller 15"-diameter topper. The size regression gives a pleasant tapered look to the composition. You can choose to display this topiary on a modern black metal stem or opt for an artificial bark covering for a more natural, realistic look.

Sophisticated Decorative Topiary Trees

Our artificial evergreen foliage is crafted with the utmost care to give you an indoor display that is as botanically realistic as possible. The dense green boxwood foliage is multi-toned green to give you the look of new growth. And unlike live plants, these convenient faux topiaries will never need any watering or trimming to keep them looking fantastic for years to come. You can display this topiary in your favorite planter or let us do the decorative work for you and include our stunning urn-style modern fiberglass planter. A perfect fit with any style of décor!

More Information
Height 7'
Diameter 15", 18", 20"
Color Green
Shape Sphere, Trees
Species Boxwood
Type Topiary
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