18in. Echeveria Light Powder 3 Heads

Specification Division (CSI#)
Use code 12 92 13 (& 12 92 00)

Made from high-quality materials, our 18in. Echeveria Light Powder 3 Heads combines the ruggedness of cacti with the elegance of flowers. This succulent floral spray is a cactus with three differently-sized flower heads that resemble roses. It is a great product for adding desert beauty to your living room, kitchen, office, or dining room. The stem and smaller branches have faux thorns for extra authenticity. We recommend arranging it with other cacti as well as various plants and fake succulents. Make sure to keep in mind that it is indoor rated, and is not suitable for use in outdoor setups.

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Height 18"
Species Echeveria, Succulent
Color Green
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