Aloe and Money Plant in Tall Rustic Wood Planter 20inLx10inWx54inH

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Stunning Fake Succulents on Display

The first thing visitors will think when they see this planted display in your living room or reception area is "Wow!" With such lifelike craftsmanship and artistic composition, our rustic arrangement of artificial succulents is truly breathtaking. This tall wood planter display abounds with a multitude of textures, colors, and levels. Trailing, bushy, and filler plants lead the eye on an enjoyable journey from one plant to the next, making it hard to pull your gaze away. And the best part of this handsome garden arrangement? It's composed entirely of artificial plants so it will stay just as perfect for years to come!

Artificial Succulents for Rustic Appeal

This two-part decorative piece features not only a stunning garden arrangement but also a uniquely elegant wooden planter. Reminiscent of a rustic whiskey or wine barrel complete with metal banding, this slatted tapered planter has a homey, country feel to it. It gives the upcycled look of a treasured antique find to your space. "Growing" from the top of this elongated planter you'll find a variety of our favorite succulent plants working together in perfect harmony to create an enticing display. Stars of this garden show include the tall, round-leafed Money Plant, burgundy-hued Echeveria blossoms, and a spiky pink-flowered succulent for a pop of extra color.

Why Choose Artificial Plants?

A garden arrangement of such diversity and perfection would be a true testament of gardening prowess, even for the most experienced gardener. With such a wide variety of plants in various states of growth, you could wear yourself out with the upkeep. Thankfully our fake succulents will keep their pristine appearance for many years without any work on your part. Captured in the perfect state of lushness, these fake succulent plants are handcrafted using the finest materials. Make this arrangement a permanent installation in your home entryway or living room, or in a hotel, office, or restaurant reception room or hallway.

More Information
Length 20"
Height 28"
Width 10"
Species Aloe, Succulent
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