Echeveria and Money Plant in Rustic Wood Planter 7inLx7inWx20inH

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Echeveria are an extremely popular type succulent and can often be seen growing in arid deserts around the world. Since this unique plant is so mysterious yet stunning, many people desire to bring the artificial version into their interior décor. Live succulents have a reputation of being rather temperamental. They require just the right amount of sun, water and care - something that not all of us are skilled at. They can be easily overwatered and end up rotting. Our artificial Echeveria arrangement makes a great tabletop arrangement - or, place on the mantel or a shelf to really bring the living room together. The decorative, rustic wooden planter enhances the natural beauty of the faux plants and will not overpower your décor. This design has a mix of Echeveria, money plant and other high end artificial succulents that will last for many years to come.

More Information
Length 7"
Height 5.5"
Width 7"
Species Echeveria, Money Plant, Succulent
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