6in. Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Balls - Indoor

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Elevate interiorscape design with Ornamental Boxwood Spheres. This quality faux plant alternative is our fullest, most lifelike topiary ball. Lush foliage constructed out of commercial-quality synthetic lends the authentic look, along with impressive strength. Bottom line, fake boxwood topiaries are built for lasting beauty.

The 6" round topiary size is well suited to interior application as a table or desktop accent piece. Great to display as a standing piece of decor, or use temporarily as in wedding centerpieces. Combine multiple boxwood spheres into a large glass vase, or use individually in potted displays. The graphic nature of artificial plant balls offers a modern aesthetic note when paired against smooth, angular surfaces. Or, focus on rustic combinations like terra cotta pottery to keep the focus more traditional. Whatever the aesthetic, topiary spheres deliver sharp, maintenance-free beauty.

More Information
Diameter 6"
Color Green
Shape Sphere
Species Ornamental Boxwood
Type Topiary
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