5 Ideas for Uses of Privacy Screens, Dividers and Living Walls

ideas for deck privacy screensideas for deck privacy screens

We've laid out 5 uses for privacy screens, designed to help you make the best decisions during the buying process. With this handy tool, you can quickly become a savvy shopper, expediting the process. Easily manage both design and overall expenses for cost-effective custom solutions.

Blocking Unsightly Views with HedgesBlocking Unsightly Views with Hedges

1. Block Unsightly Views

When used as a blocking device, privacy screens can effectively cover unsightly plumbing fixtures, electrical equipment, garbage or dumpster receptacles, and the like on your terrace, deck or patio. Besides screening unattractive features from yours or an adjacent properties' elements, they create handsome green space where none existed.

Principle Considerations: Things to consider include whether to bolt to the top of a wall to make it taller (and by how much,) bolt to the front of a fence for camouflage effect, or create 2D fence panel bolted to 2 posts.

Creative Choices: Greater blocking is achieved by 2-sided coverage, but 1-sided coverage is sufficient for some projects. Be prepared to tell our agent specifics to be blocked. It's also possible to use landscape cloth that prevents light coming through on the back side of the grid, versus 2-sided foliage coverage. See foliage options above to help the decision-making process.

Create Privacy on your BalconyCreate Privacy on your Balcony

2. Create Privacy

Privacy screens provide a similar function as blocking. Like the name implies, their main purpose is to create a visual barrier so others can't see you or see items you'd rather keep from view. They are typically used on balconies, near backyard or rooftop pools as changing areas, as fence panels, and to screen commercial seating areas for restaurants, bars, and sidewalk cafes.

Principle Considerations: There are 3 ways to create a privacy screen including 1) Foliage Tiles, which is typically more labor-intensive for customers, 2) Sushi Rolls, which are large format foliage that can be zip-tied to an existing fence, and/or 2) cage style rigid privacy screen we custom create, typically double-sided to block light.

Creative Choices: Choose between 1- or 2-sided grid coverage. Determine foliage desired, and if you want the added artistic effect of flowers in the mix, which is particularly advantageous for commercial screening use.

Branded Living WallsBranded Living Walls

3. Grow Your Brand with Branded Living Walls

Logo or branding walls are similar to living walls but have a logo or specific branding message woven into the foliage by using varied material lengths. They can be made either as a flat or flush-mounted wall art style piece, as a 3-dimensional shape, or as a square or rectangle cage with foliage mounted on our powder coated wrought iron grid.

Principle Considerations: Clarify purpose of branding and intended audience. Will it be used at a tradeshow? In conference rooms? On television? This helps define likely size and portability, as well as shape. If hung on the wall, where and for whom: staff? customers? As foyer branding? Or outdoors?

Creative Choices: Choose between grid foliage on all sides, or landscape cloth. Select foliage type (see above) and level of detail, with maximum available pixel per square foot at 144. If wall or flush mounted, determine if you'd like it framed or no

Durable Powder Coated Iron Grid Living WallsDurable Powder Coated Iron Grid Living Walls

4. Eco-Chic Wall Art and Decorative Accent

Whether indoors or out, privacy screens create a vibrant "green" effect for the eco-friendly crowd. They make an imaginative alternative to conventional paintings, photography, or interior design items.

Principle Considerations: Know that you have every option to customize our powder coated iron grid base, and identify your initial preferences. Determine size of space you are looking to cover, whether you would like it framed, LED lit, square, rectangular, or custom-shaped.

Creative Choices: Flush mount (flat against the wall) or standoffs (raised from the wall), Indoor or outdoor foliage, including foliage styles and lengths: English Ivy, many variations of Japanese Boxwood, Azalea, Podocarpus, Baby's Breath, Replica, Succulent Cactus, Grasses; essential shape. Add flowers to make your piece even more colorful and lush.

Create Personal Space with Privacy ScreensCreate Personal Space with Privacy Screens

5. Divide a Space

Similar to either blocked or privacy screen use, space dividers perform an additional function in that they provide an 'artificial wall', compartmentalizing sections of a room for conferences or in large hotel ballrooms, and the like, or between seating areas for patio cafes.

Principle Considerations: As space dividers, deck privacy screens will be attached to a powder coated wrought iron cage for the dimensions needed for your artificial wall. It is likely all sides will be covered with foliage material that is dense, preventing light from seeping through.

Creative Choices: Choose between any foliage material above. You may also decide to add artificial flowers, bamboo or boxwood privacy hedges to add beauty and distinction for your space dividers.

The above steps are designed to help streamline the buying process. Upon completed initial conversation, we provide quotes (including freight costs) within 24 to 48 hours.

Once your order is placed, we produce shop drawings for your approval, after which we will manufacture each piece to your exact specifications.

Browse our extensive collection of Fire Retardant, Indoor and Outdoor Deck Privacy Screens, Artificial Privacy Plants online or simply give us a call toll-free to work with a pro: 1-888-320-0626