English Ivy Indoor Artificial Hedge with Modern Planter 24in.L x 12in.W

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Give your interior space a hassle-free makeover with our English ivy indoor artificial hedges in modern planters. These hedges come ready to place anywhere you need a little bit of greenery. With each hedge already placed in the sleek rectangular planter, all you need to do is decide on which color to go with. We offer a selection of over 20 planter colors in four stunning finishes: gloss, semi-gloss, matte, and sand. These planters can also be custom manufactured according to your specific size, color, and style needs. Just give us a call to discuss your options. You are sure to find the perfect look to go with your décor.

These 24-inch long by 12-inch wide hedges are available in heights from 30 to 96 inches. With 3-inch thick luxurious silk foliage, they are sure to look and feel like the real thing. They can stand alone or be grouped with other hedges to fulfill any purpose you require. We also offer them in 36- and 48-inch lengths. Artificial hedges are a great way to hide unsightly views and architectural elements. They can also be used to partition space, direct foot traffic, and add a decorative interest to blank walls.

More Information
Length 2'
Width 12"
In Planter Yes
Color Green
Type Hedge
Species Ivy
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