8' Potted Rainforest Climber On Pole

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Acquire a gorgeous Rainforest Climber houseplant with a convenient, stand-up Pole to perfectly adorn your home, office, or business interior. The glossy leaves on these trees are voluminous, and they feature a shimmering shine that comes from being made from high-grade, smooth materials. While these artificial trees look 100% real, they are entirely fake and ready for constant, long-term display in any part of your house, apartment, or company. Originating in tropical rainforests, these types of plants are challenging to grow in the usual United States garden. Thankfully, our unique composition and concept of these artificial houseplants mean they are hassle-free, requiring absolutely no upkeep.

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Height 6', 8'
Sizes 6', 8'
Color Green
Type Bush
Species Rainforest Climber
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