3' or 5' Potted Pineapple Yucca

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Become a practicing interior designer by simply adorning your home with the décor of your dreams, beginning with a Pineapple Yucca. Our faux houseplants are sturdy and stable, perfect for your favorite, oversize flowerpot or standard planter. You can mix-and-match these plants with your own faux additives, cluster them together to create a linking row of artificial Yuccas, or "plant" them as-is, individually. At a convenient height of 3.5-feet, these miniature artificial trees are perfectly colored in shades of green and yellow to make them seem completely realistic. For those with minimum space, these houseplants are great for accentuating low-sitting tables or desks.

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Height 3', 3.5', 5'
Species Succulent, Yucca
Color Green
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