5' Potted Dracaena Reflexa Multi Tree

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Envision a more exotic, natural theme for your current home décor - then make it a reality with a Dracaena Reflexa Multi Tree. Native to Madagascar, these artificial trees are sleek with flourishing canopies of evergreen shrubbery. Their slender trunks are separated into multiple sections, holding a cluster of leaves atop each one. In nature, these trees require high humidity and constant moisture to keep their leaves green and growing. However, our blend of synthetic materials offer you the look and feel of a realistic Dracaena Reflexa without the arduous upkeep. Popular for ornamentation, each decorative tree can be customized with two convenient heights - 5 or 8 feet.

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Height 5', 7', 8'
Trunk Natural
Color Green
Species Dracaena
Type Tree
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