3' Potted Brazilian Schefflera Tree

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Prepare your home for the innate elegance of a perfect Brazilian Schefflera Plant by clearing the clutter of your current, boring décor. Clustered with rich, vivid greenery in sleek, oval-shaped leaves, these artificial trees can measure at heights of either an astounding 8-feet tall or a convenient 3 or 5-feet - depending on your interior design needs. Known as the evergreen houseplants, these beauties normally flourish in tropical rainforests, and they have become a popular indoor adornment for United States households. However, the actual plants require round-the-clock care and major humidity, making them almost impossible to keep. Lucky for you, our artificial alternatives are lifelike and just as gorgeous.

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Height 3', 5', 8'
Trunk Natural
Color Green
Species Schefflera
Type Tree
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