5in. Echeveria, Green

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Small Fake Succulents for Display

Add the perfect finishing touch to your potted plant display with these adorable blossom-shaped small fake succulents. Echeveria is an immensely popular succulent variety for indoor gardening because of its versatile look and its growing ease. While you will never have to worry about watering or proper lighting for this sun-loving succulent, our faux Echeveria gives you a maintenance-free way to add some tropical color to your indoor scenery. Measuring only 5" in diameter, these little green plants are perfect for supplementing a floral display or simply serving as a focal point on your deck or dining room table.

Carefree Artificial Indoor Plants

Appearing for all the world like a lime-green rose in full bloom, the Echeveria plant is actually a succulent member of a cactus-like family of plants that thrive in desert climates. Also called "fat plants," succulents have fleshy, thick parts to help them retain water. This also gives them their characteristic quirky appearance. Echeveria have a circular profusion of rounded, plump leaves that resemble petals. Also available in other colors- like deep magenta- this Echeveria bloom comes in a vibrant green. Live Echeveria have a sharp point on each leaf. While we perfectly mimic this look, you don't have to worry about pricking yourself on the points- all of our artificial indoor plants are made from a soft and pliable material. With color and texture just like the real thing, you would never know this little Echeveria is an imposter!

Terrariums, Living Walls, and Planters

The possibilities for displaying fake Echeveria blooms are endless. These small green plants have a wonderfully versatile appeal that allows them to fit in with any type of décor, though they are a shoe-in for tropical, desert, and Southwestern themes. Fill in those empty spaces in real or artificial living walls. Create a succulent arrangement in your favorite tabletop planter. These faux succulents also make excellent carefree terrarium plants for your desktop or kitchen counter.

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Height 5"
Species Echeveria, Succulent
Color Green
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