2.5' Pineapple Palm

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Select the glorious, gorgeous artificial Pineapple Palm Tree when you are considering redoing or sprucing up your current home décor. These indoor houseplants are readily available at a convenient height of 2.5-feet with a showering of brilliant, vibrant green fronds atop a pineapple-style trunk. The leaves are well-manicured and perfectly placed to exude a brimming appearance, and each trunk is textured for realism and nature-inspired beauty. We ship unpotted - however, our Pineapple Palms can be conveniently situated in almost any home or office planter. You can appropriately adorn your office lobby, low-sitting tables, office desk, or living room corners - creating an innately lovely display that is both long-lasting and attention-grabbing.

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Height 2.5'
Color Green
Species Palm, Pineapple Palm
Type Tree
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