21in. Bromeliad Tillandsia Cyanea - Outdoor - Lipstick

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Product Overview:

  • Inherent UV protection for use in sunny locations
  • Sink in high density foam, plaster of paris or right in soil filled containers.
  • Ships with bare stem so you can "plant" in your favorite container

Enhance the beauty of your exterior with tropical flair! The Outdoor Lipstick Variety of the 21in. Bromeliad Tillandsia Cyanea recreates every detail of a living bromeliad plant with its broad glossy leaves and striking blossoms that will be forever in bloom. These outdoor artificial tropical plants lend themselves to an array of uses and are perfect for using in bunches to fill planters and pots. Teeth along the bottoms of the stems allow the artificial plants to stay in place in whatever medium you place them in whether it's floral foam or soil. The faux bromeliads are available in an array of shades for mixing and matching.

More Information
Height 21"
Type Bush
Material Plastic
Species Bromeliad, Succulent
Color Pink
Flower Color Pink
In Planter No
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