4'H Bamboo Forest Sold by the Square Foot, Outdoor


Bamboo Forests are sold by square footage.
Choose your square footage using the quantity tool. Ex. Qty. 1 = 1 sq. ft.

Infuse outdoor spaces with fresh tropical plants like our Outdoor Artificial Bamboo Forests. Adding artificial plants in lieu of real ones saves your business money on expensive maintenance and water bills. Although these faux replicas don't need sunlight, they're inherently UV protected so they won't fade or deteriorate when placed in full sun. This makes them ideal choices for municipalizes, corporate centers and shopping malls.


  1. Calculate the total square footage needed & place your order for that amount
  2. We will contact you directly to work with you regarding shape and any other customizations you'd like to request

Outdoor Artificial Bamboo Features:

  • Natural bamboo cane construction
  • Realistic faux foliage
  • Hand painted and made locally
  • UV Rated for outdoor use
  • Choose: Soil or Premium Rock Topper
  • Customize: Color, size, height and shape

Being fully customizable, you can rest assured that when you buy artificial bamboo online at Artificial Plants Unlimited, you will get exactly the solution you need. Whether you're augmenting real or existing landscapes or creating a fully artificial garden, outdoor artificial bamboo forests are the answer.

Faux bamboo by the square foot can be fabricated to fit large or irregular spaces that are often challenging to design. Fill in empty courtyard corners or fashion a plant privacy screen to hide unsightly views.

Please note: The tallest bamboo stick will be 4 feet tall; multiple heights are added throughout to achieve a lush look.

More Information
Length 12"
Height 4'
Width 12"
In Planter No
Color Green
Type Square Foot
Species Bamboo
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