8in. Green Echeveria, Outdoor

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  • Made from UV rated plastic material for outdoor use
  • 8 inches tall x 9 inch approximate width
  • Ships with a 3.5" bare stem so you can "plant" in your favorite container
  • When planning the landscaping for a business or public place, it's necessary to consider any cause and effect issues there might be with the chosen plants and flowers. Some plants attract more flying insects such as bees than others. This could be problematic for areas where people are going to frequent. Also, plants produce different levels of pollen, another possible issue for those who might come into contact with the plant. One solution to the problem is to use outdoor faux succulents. Artificial plants eliminate both the pollen issue and the bee danger, while still presenting the public with beautiful, natural looking foliage that will decorate the area. Our artificial plants are designed to handle the outdoor elements such as excessive heat and sunlight. This particular plant, the green echeveria has a metal core and bendable stem which makes it ideal for crafting into living walls, or shaping around other floral displays to finish the look. Whether you want to add extra flair to a table display or create a grand living wall, we can create the faux plant that best suits your needs.

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    Height 8"
    Width 9"
    Type Bush, Succulent
    Material Plastic
    Species Echeveria, Succulent
    Color Green
    Flower Color Green
    In Planter No
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