5'L Horsetail Grove in Modern Planter, Outdoor

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Zero-Maintenance Outdoor Reed Plants that Add Privacy
There are numerous container gardening options ideally suited for businesses and exclusive residential settings, but not everyone has time for the maintenance. Where real plants require constant watering and pruning, our horsetails in planters are artificial, so they require none of the time commitment. Even so, they look just like the real thing with vibrant green stems that maintain their color over time. We'll even ship them with soil topper already in place, adding to the authenticity of the look. You'll find reeds are a wonderful addition to commercial settings, especially when used to partition off seating or dining areas. Place fiberglass modern planters along your storefront for a tailored and luxurious appearance. These groves can be used the same way as our artificial privacy hedges to block unsightly views and prying eyes. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Ordering Horsetails in Planters:

  • Choose from 2-6-foot tall groves
  • Choose from standard, medium or high density
    • Standard: Minimal privacy screening
    • Medium: Partial privacy screening
    • High: Complete privacy screening
  • Choose from over two dozen paint colors and finishes, or opt for real metal coatings for faux metal planters that look like the solid aluminum, copper or bronze but weigh and cost a fraction of solid metal planters.

Reed Composition
Known more commonly by landscapers as equisetum, horsetail reed plants are fashioned from steel and UV protected outdoor poly materials - materials that has long been used for their enduring qualities. It's impervious to damage other materials are susceptible to, such as fading, warping, or rusting over time. And unlike other materials and real plants, these aren't prone to becoming a snack by hungry insects.

Modern Fiberglass Appeal with Custom Possibilities
One feature landscape architects and designers love about our reeds vs other companies, is that we'll plant them in whatever planter you choose. This particular configuration features the ever-popular Modern Fiberglass Planter paired with your choice of reed height and density level. Customized choices may also be available, such as tailor made sizes, varying grove heights, and colors to easily accommodate whatever your personal tastes and project needs may be. Call to speak to our design specialists and we'll help you fashion a realistic horsetail arrangement to suit your needs perfectly.

More Information
Length 5'
Height 2', 3', 4', 5', 6'
Width 12"
In Planter Yes
Color Green
Type Hedge
Species Horsetail
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