6'L Horsetail Grove in Modern Planter, Outdoor

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6'L Horsetail Grove in Modern Planter, Outdoor

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Realistic Commercial Artificial Plants
Sometimes all any design needs is that one perfect finishing touch. Greenery is one such way to liven up any outdoor space, but real plants have drawbacks that some business or home owners can't overlook. Namely, they require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking their very best. For instance, constant watering and removal of dead material is required to maintain a vibrant appearance - something may busy people simply have no time for. Outdoor artificial plants remove the problem, while still allowing you to enjoy the same authentic look. Horsetail Groves in Modern Planters are a prime example of realistic faux plant life in action. They're been redesigned to reflect only the highest levels of realism. Only you'll know they're not the real deal.

Ordering Horsetail Groves in Fiberglass Planters:

  • Choose from 2-6-foot tall groves
  • Choose from standard, medium or high density
    • Standard: Minimal privacy screening
    • Medium: Partial privacy screening
    • High: Complete privacy screening
  • Choose from over two dozen paint colors and finishes, or opt for real metal coatings for faux metal planters that look like the solid aluminum, copper or bronze but weigh and cost a fraction of solid metal planters.

Design Contemporary Common Areas with Ease
Fake reeds are a fantastic way to give any location a tranquil, laid back vibe. Their slender lines makes them ideally suited for modern locations, while the natural appearance and green coloration is earthy and relaxing. They're highly versatile, depending which of our planters you choose in which to place them. The modern planter has a sleek, and elegant feel fitting for commercial exteriors or when used as sidewalk cafe barriers or rooftop conversation areas. Use tall horsetail reeds in planters as commercial space dividers to create intimate settings anywhere. With different densities, you can make spaces a little or extremely private. Think: VIP areas, bars, restaurants and special events.

Delivered Ready to Use and Fully Customizable
Each of our horsetail planters comes with the faux reeds already in place. We'll add your choice of pebbles, moss, or soil to give them another level of authenticity. Every aspect can be customized to suit your requirements with precision - from the height and size of the plants themselves, to the planter style and decorative toppers. Also available by reqest are planter casters, custom logo products and illuminated solutions.

More Information
Length 6'
Height 2', 3', 4', 5', 6'
Width 12"
In Planter Yes
Color Green
Type Hedge
Species Horsetail
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