3'L Horsetail Grove in Modern Planter, Outdoor

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Three Forms of Botanical Realism
When you're ready to beautify your outdoor space, whether at home or outside your business, our outdoor artificial horsetail reeds in planters are a cut above the rest. They've been redesigned and reimagined to appear more authentic and realistic than our previous models, as well as anything you'd find in most home decor stores. They come in three densities: high, low, and medium varieties to meet your unique needs, and you'll enjoy a wide range of applications in public and residential settings. Reeds come in bundles that can be customized to suit your space. From large and luxurious offerings for hotels and casinos, to more subtle accents to place along your patio or outdoor garden locale, horsetail reeds - AKA equisetum - are a fresh solution for modern decor.

Ordering Horsetail Hedge Planters:

  • Choose from 2-6 foot tall groves, planter adds 2ft height
  • Choose from standard, medium or high density
    • Standard: Minimal privacy screening
    • Medium: Partial privacy screening
    • High: Complete privacy screening
  • Choose from over two dozen paint colors and finishes, or opt for real metal coatings for faux metal planters that look like the solid aluminum, copper or bronze but weigh and cost a fraction of solid metal planters.

Recommended Uses for Horsetail Reeds
Similar to other faux reeds and bamboo, this horsetail reed plant may be used for many things. For instance, they make wonderful barriers when placed between eating or sitting areas. This adds privacy for patrons to enjoy a cozy atmosphere when using your establishment. Use coordinating planters and customize your plant heights to alter the effect of your pieces. For instance, large reeds can be placed in our customized pots to place along walkways or to create outdoor "rooms" for partitioning off varied areas into individualized spaces. Indoor applications may also utilize this feature to allow for cozy booths in restaurants or spas.

Commercial UV Protected Plants
Our items are made from exterior rated poly plastics, which is a material well regarded for its weather resistance and resiliency. It'll maintain its realistic appearance when used exterior locations, even in areas when inclement weather conditions such as heavy rain and direct sunlight. You'll see less fading and other damage through the seasons, allowing them to be used through multiple years without breaking down. All items may be custom made to suit your individual location and application. Just call and give us your specifications, and we'll create faux plants that are perfect for you. All items are set using real soil for an even more realistic appearance.

More Information
Length 3'
Height 2', 3', 4', 5', 6'
Width 12"
In Planter Yes
Color Green
Type Hedge
Species Horsetail
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