7'L Horsetail Grove in Modern Planter, Outdoor

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Artificial Plants Reduce Water Waste and Maintenance Costs
If you love the look of real greenery, but don't want the hassle of having to water and maintain it, then you should have a look at our elegant equisetum reeds. They're made from top to bottom to look just like the real thing, so nobody will have to know that the're actually fashioned from fiberglass. We even "plant" them in heavy duty foam to hold them securely in place, and then add a layer of soil to provide an even more realistic look. Nobody will believe they didn't come from straight from the lake or pond, but you'll never have to pick up a watering can.

Ordering Horsetail Groves in :

  • Choose from 2-6-foot tall groves
  • Choose from standard, medium or high density
    • Standard: Minimal privacy screening
    • Medium: Partial privacy screening
    • High: Complete privacy screening
  • Choose from over two dozen paint colors and finishes, or opt for real metal coatings for faux metal planters that look like the solid aluminum, copper or bronze but weigh and cost a fraction of solid metal planters.

UV Protected and Weather Resistant
Whether used as an accent, or for one of many applications, these elegant equisetum reeds and faux grasses are ideally suited for contemporary commercial settings. It's highly resistant to weather, as well as the Modern fiberglass planters they are planted in. The modern box is slender, sleek, and fitting when used as a barrier or partition for seating and dining locations. Create privacy even on open outdoor spaces in style. Throw private pool parties that are truly private with a high density grove of tall horsetail plants in planters bordering patio areas.

UV protected fake reeds are the perfect addition to casinos, hotels, upscale apartments, or shopping malls. Smaller bundles can also be used as accents in gardens or along patios for homeowners looking for a little extra greenery outdoors. Each aspect can be customized for your unique functions, ranging from varied heights and depths, to the planters to the growing medium.

More Information
Length 7'
Height 2', 3', 4', 5', 6'
Width 12"
In Planter Yes
Color Green
Type Hedge
Species Horsetail
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