8'L Horsetail Grove in Modern Planter, Outdoor

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Breathe Life into Commercial Exteiors
If you're looking for a way to freshen up and instantly update commercial exteriors, then our faux reeds in planters might be just what you're hoping for. They're designed to look like the real thing, but without all the drawbacks that come with growing real plants. For instance, you won't have to worry over watering them, nor will you ever have to do away with dead portions or ensure plants are getting enough light. Even so, they look just like the real thing, so nobody will ever guess than that reeds are made from the highest quality and most realistic synthetics. The commercial fiberglass planter creates incredible resiliency and weather resistance, so they'll maintain their appearance through the seasons for years to come.

Ordering Faux Reeds in Planters:

  • Choose from 2-6-foot tall groves
  • Choose from standard, medium or high density
    • Standard: Minimal privacy screening
    • Medium: Partial privacy screening
    • High: Complete privacy screening
  • Choose from over two dozen paint colors and finishes, or opt for real metal coatings for faux metal planters that look like the solid aluminum, copper or bronze but weigh and cost a fraction of solid metal planters.

Modern Plants in Modern Planters
Each of our horsetail plants comes in a Modern Rectangular Fiberglass Planter. Use tall horsetail as privacy plants along balconies and rooftops, or untilize them as modern space dividers to create seating or dining spaces anywhere. They're ideally suited for use as sidewalk restaurant barriers and partitions to separate off varied locations outdoors. Give guests at your facility private dining areas, cabanas and lounges, or somewhere cozy to chat in a seating area.

Custom Outdoor Artificial Plants Tailored to Your Needs
Our faux plants can be customized to accommodate your unique needs. For instance, choose taller options for barrier applications, or shorter choices when using them for an accent on the patio or along a storefront. Additionally, they're available in high, low, and medium densities and they come in bundles of various sizes. Items can "planted" in real soil, pebbles, or moss for a more authentic appearance. Call and ask about additional tailor made details from which to choose.

More Information
Length 8'
Height 2', 3', 4', 5', 6'
Width 12"
In Planter Yes
Color Green
Type Hedge
Species Horsetail
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