23in. Outdoor Rated Artificial Boston Fern

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  • Made from UV rated plastic for outdoor use
  • 23 inches tall x 30 inch approximate width
  • Decorative pot shown is sold separately
  • Comes with 29 green leaves
  • Ships with bare stem so you can "plant" in your favorite container
  • The Boston fern is a common addition to outdoor landscaping, often used in areas where sunlight is limited. With the Outdoor Rated Artificial Boston Fern, you can recreate that look with a plant that will remain lush and green in every season regardless of where you place it. Featuring 29 large, curving fronds, the 23-inch tall fern has lifelike serrated leaflets in a mix of light and dark green. The lighter leaves are at the top of the plant, suggesting that they are newer growth. Sold unpotted, the fern will look at home in many different planters. The width of the fern is 30 inches.

    More Information
    Height 23"
    Width 30"
    Sizes Large: 22"+
    Color Green
    Material Plastic
    In Planter No
    Type Bush
    Species Fern
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