8in. Burgundy Echeveria, Outdoor

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  • Made from UV rated plastic material for outdoor use
  • 8 inches tall x 9 inch approximate width
  • Ships with a 3.5" bare stem so you can "plant" in your favorite container
  • Malls, hospitals and other large, public areas often have plants. Sometimes the plants are live and you see staff going around giving the plants water or otherwise maintaining them. But in most cases the plants are silk or made from other man-made materials. Fake succulents can look very realistic and our variety of artificial succulents are some of the best looking plants on the market. Made from durable materials, the plants can withstand the outdoor elements but is also realistic looking enough to use indoors. The plants can be placed in planters and used to accent entryways to theaters, office buildings or malls, or they can be placed in large boxes and used to decorate ledges and shelves outside offices, in lobbies and other outdoor public locations. This particular plant, the echeveria, has a bendable stem which makes it ideal for mounting and creating a living wall or can be used to make the leaves look more realistic. We can ship the plant loose or we can craft a living wall or place it in a pot for you. How you want to use this attractive plant is up to you.

    More Information
    Height 8"
    Width 9"
    Type Bush, Succulent
    Material Plastic
    Species Echeveria, Succulent
    Color Burgundy
    Flower Color Burgundy
    In Planter No
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