12in. X 12in. Cream Azalea Mat- Artificial Outdoor

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When you get tired of the hassle that comes with caring for real plants, consider switching to realistic outdoor artificial plants. These plants feature UV protection, ensuring they last for years and years in any weather condition. The sun will not fade the colors. What's more, the backing is constructed from a flexible plastic, making it easy to arrange these green wall tiles however you choose. Cut and alter the tiles and foliage to your liking using a pair of standard scissors. Remove or replace flowers as you see fit. If you have never worked with artificial flowers before, you will be amazed at the attention to detail. The outdoor artificial cream flowering Azalea mats are perfect for any setting. Use them for privacy screens, green wall tiles, wall panels, or any other outdoor decorating.

More Information
Length 12"
Height 2"
Width 2"
Color White
Species Azalea
Type Foliage Tiles
Flower Color White
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