2'H Real Moss Topiary Pillar/Cylinder

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Moss Artificial Columns for Shopfronts

Create an out-of-this-world window display that is sure to draw eyes by displaying your merchandise on one of our real moss artificial columns. Made from preserved moss, these delightful pillars have the look of a live, growing topiary. They lend a refreshing natural appeal to your showcase display that promise to attract attention like no ordinary wooden or stone pedestal would. If you are looking for a rustic way to display those handcrafted ceramics, want to add a pop of eco-friendly appeal to your collection, or want some evergreen décor to brighten up your holiday display, then these preserved moss pillars are just the thing.

Using Moss Topiaries as Pillars

We use sustainably-sourced Sphagnum moss to create these perfectly round cylinders. Each moss pillar displays a profusion of feathery greenery, reminiscent of a woodland fantasy. But don't be fooled by their delicate looks. These moss pillars are, in fact, extremely sturdy. Each moss topiary is built on a heavy-duty commercial-grade iron frame. Long strands of fibrous moss are densely entwined on the framework to give you the look of greenery through and through. And while your traditional topiary- live or artificial- wouldn't be able to hold up the weight of your treasured planters, artwork, merchandise, these moss topiaries have the strength of any stone or metal pillar.

Preserved Moss in Three Colors

Though they provide a unique way to showcase merchandise in shopfronts, these moss pillars aren't just for window displays. You can also use them in homes, galleries, and commercial or hospitality spaces to dress up the décor in a rustic way. Also available in two other sizes, our moss topiaries come in three attractive color choices. The Green and Brown topiaries have a more organic, textural feel to them while the Tight Green closely resembles a traditional evergreen topiary with denser foliage. Use a single pillar as a stunning accent piece or combine different sizes and colors to create a mossy forest in your hallway or reception room.

More Information
Length 18"
Height 2'
Width 18"
Color Green
Shape Pillars
Species Lichen
Type Topiary
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