3'H Real Moss Topiary Pillar/Cylinder

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Natural Preserved Moss Pillar

Why relegate the natural greenery in your space to those decorative pots and planters? Carry on that green elegance on every surface, starting with these charming real moss topiary pillars. Both a functional furnishing and a fun decorative element, each preserved moss pillar is packed with refreshing organic personality. Break away from traditional stone and wooden pillars and bring that nature appeal to the next level. Built on a sturdy metal frame, each moss cylinder is capable of displaying your favorite knick-knacks, artwork, merchandise, or even potted plants. Use them at home, in a hotel or restaurant, or invent some fabulous storefront design ideas with these mossy pillars.

Real Preserved Sphagnum Moss

Our moss topiary cylinders have a natural, realistic look to them. Why is that? Because they are made from real preserved Sphagnum moss. Crafted from long, fibrous strands of sustainably grown Sphagnum moss plants, these cylindrical pillars give you the organic look of a real growing topiary. But since this is preserved moss you will never have to worry about gardening maintenance to keep your pillars looking spectacular over the years. Moss pillars are a great decorative option when you want to add some outdoor appeal to your space but don't want to take the time or expense of cultivating live plants.

Storefront Design Ideas

Our moss pillars are available in three attractive colors: Green, Brown, and Tight Green. The Green and Brown varieties give you a bushier, more primitive look while the Tight Green moss pillar is a more compacted choice that resembles a classic evergreen topiary, great for more formal applications. Moss pillars are a delightful way to exhibit merchandise in storefronts or window displays. You can trust the durability of these Sphagnum cylinders to hold up your most treasured items because of the sturdy commercial-grade iron frame hidden beneath the moss. Mix and match different sizes and colors to create an eye-catching multi-level display for anything from handbags to ceramic urns.

More Information
Length 18"
Height 3'
Width 18"
Color Green
Shape Pillars
Species Lichen
Type Topiary
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