8in. Plastic Money Tree Stem, Light Powder

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Lifelike Money Tree Branches

Though it's not the proverbial "money tree" that everyone wishes they had growing in their backyard, these handsome succulent fake twigs with make your interior décor wealthy with an abundance of chic style nonetheless. These glossy jade-green Money Tree branches showcase plump leaves that lend an Asian or Southwestern air to your interior design. They come in a small size that is perfect for adding to floral arrangement or living walls. They have an incredibly realistic look that allows them to mix with other artificial plants or blend in with live planter arrangements.

Fake Twigs from the Jade Plant

Not to be confused with the Guinea Chestnut tree, our Money Tree stem is designed to resemble- with the utmost botanical perfection- the Jade, or Money Tree, succulent plant. This delicate branch is crafted to mimic the young growth of the Jade plant, when the stem has the same color and texture as the jade-green leaves. These plants are handcrafted from a high-quality artificial material that is easy to confuse with the real thing. The leaves have a hand-painted variegated green coloring that darkens at the tips to give the illusion of new growth.

Displaying Jade for Good Fortune

Jade plants have traditionally been used in Chinese "Feng Shui" design. Because of their vibrant and prolific personality, Jade plants are said to offer a growing energy to your room- and to your bank account. Whether or not this is true, we know that they can definitely enhance the visual aesthetic of your living room or office. Our Money Tree stems are the perfect fit for Asian-inspired décor, including shops and restaurants. Since they are cactus-like in appearance they also make a welcome addition to Southwestern, tribal, or desert décor. The bottom of each stalk has subtle "hooks" that allow it to sit securely in your chosen substrate.

More Information
Height 8"
Species Money Plant, Succulent
Color Green
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