Artificial Bamboo Grove in Modern Fiberglass PlanterArtificial Bamboo Grove in Modern Fiberglass Planter

Cape Rey Resort Movable Bamboo Space Dividers

With its oceanfront views Cape Rey–a Hilton Resort and Spa located in Carlsbad, California, is a popular destination for weddings and corporate events alike. The CEO of the hotel management group reached out to us to provide a solution that would help them manage several large exterior event spaces.

With no permanent barriers to assign spaces to different events, they were looking for a way to create attractive, mobile barriers to delineate spaces and direct traffic on the fly. When events are not in progress, they also wanted to be able to easily move the privacy screens to a storage area. We designed and constructed a UV-rated artificial bamboo barrier, mounted on a lightweight fiberglass planter with hidden locking casters.

Close up of movable fiberglass planterClose up of movable fiberglass planter
Artificial Bamboo Grove top viewArtificial Bamboo Grove top view
Artificial Bamboo Grove  in a brown fiberglass planterArtificial Bamboo Grove  in a brown fiberglass planter
  • Attractive privacy screen
  • Directs traffic / delineates space
  • Exterior rated foliage still in use after 5 years
  • Hidden locking casters, rolls in and out of storage with ease
Artificial Bamboo Grove in the background of wedding venueArtificial Bamboo Grove in the background of wedding venue
  • Easily set up in different configurations to allow the hotel to book more events in the same outdoor space

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