Spotted Aloe Succulent Mix in Black Metal Planter 10.5inLx10.5inWx9inH

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Artificial succulents are a creative decorative accent that looks marvelous in any home, office or retail space. Our spotted aloe succulent arrangement comes potted in a modern and chic black metal planter. This stunning arrangement is a great way to accent your table or counter top. With is neutral coloring, it goes well with any type of existing décor, blending in while still making a visual statement. Our fake succulents are made to look very realistic, and often times your guests won't even realize they're not real. Going faux is a great alternative to live plants for interior use as they do not require watering, light exposure or pruning.

More Information
Length 10.5"
Height 4.5"
Width 10.5"
Species Aloe, Succulent


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