40"L Lavender, Sage and Prairie Grass Planting in Black Metal Planter

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All plantings in our Drought Tolerant Plantings line are mounted in commercial grade high density foam and topped with an assortment of decorative gravel and river stones.

A mix of our three most popular drought tolerant plants, the Lavender/Sage/Prairie Grass Drought Tolerant Planting in Black Metal planter is a wonderful commercial grade option for any modern country commercial interior layout. Our top notch silk plants look just like the real thing and will last for decades. They include a decorative rock topper, black metal planter and the mixture of plants. They will deliver ready to set in place, no waiting for plants to fill in or trying to arrange them yourself. Our skilled local artists build each arrangement to be slightly different, making sure applications with multiple plantings look as varied and realistic as possible.

Planter sizes, styles and colors are customizable, so please give us a call to discuss your needs:
1-888-320-0626, Monday – Friday 7am-5pm PST.

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