15in. Artificial Boxwood Topiary Balls - Indoor

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Get the luxe look of boxwood hedges indoors with Artificial Topiary Balls. Placed atop a modern vase, traditional urn or suspended from industrial chain, this sophisticated faux plant delivers unmistakable elegance. Use to layer in counterpoints of shape, texture and color by playing with proportion, pattern and contrast.

Each fake boxwood hedge is made from commercial-quality polyethylene plastic. The material is true to boxwood's hardiness, color and texture, and all without any live plant care. Topiary balls are a popular interiorscape option for retail, hospitality and professional settings, in addition to high-end residential properties. Their time-honored appeal manages relevance in both contemporary and classic applications, with easy display tweaks yielding huge aesthetic rewards. Also a great option to have on hand for event decor like fundraising galas, wedding receptions and corporate dinners.

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Diameter 15"
Color Green
Shape Sphere
Species Boxwood
Type Topiary
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