4'H Bamboo Sold by the Square Foot, Indoor

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Bamboo Forests are sold by square footage.
Choose your square footage using the quantity tool. Ex. Qty. 1 = 1 sq. ft.

One Bamboo cane per square foot.

Add Indoor Artificial Bamboo Forests for a full landscape service product free of costs and time related to maintenance, watering and artificial lights. Real plants often cannot survive indoors in shopping malls, offices and other commercial spaces.

Bamboo Forest Product Features:

  • Natural cane construction
  • Canes are hand painted
  • Mounted in foam, or request planters for a finished look
  • Fully customizable - shape, size, color - just ask!


  1. Calculate the total square footage needed
  2. Place your order for that amount
  3. We will contact you directly to work with you regarding shape and any other customizations you'd like to request

Our bamboo forests look legitimately like real bamboo plants because of the painstaking care we take fabricating them by hand, right in the US. Each of the bamboo poles are hand painted, then foliage is carefully fastened to each cane. We can manufacture a bamboo forest to fit any space or container no matter how irregular or large.

Please note: The tallest bamboo stick will be 4 feet tall; multiple heights are added throughout to achieve a lush look.

More Information
Length 12"
Height 4'
Width 12"
In Planter No
Color Green
Type Per Foot
Species Bamboo
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