34in. Hanging Flowerless Azalea Vine, Indoor Artificial

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Balance everyday hustle-and-bustle with greenery's calming effects using faux plants for interiors. This gorgeous green azalea vine brings natural beauty to any setting during any season. Display fake greenery in hanging baskets, tabletop planters, on top of bookshelves or kitchen cabinets. Vines are designed for lifelike indoor applications on their own or as part of larger arrangements. For easy arranging, faux plants come reinforced with wire in each stalk to allow bending. And even though fake greenery requires no sunlight azalea vines are right at home near windows and hold up without fading.

Each faux azalea plant features:
  • 7 stalks of dangling green vines
  • Design that is true to the hardy, clustered look of non-blooming azalea in nature
  • A sturdy base to install in a choice of floral foam

This plant is also available as a flowering vine with your choice of pink, cream or red blossoms.

More Information
Height 34"
Sizes 34"
Color Green
Flower Color Flowerless
In Planter No
Type Flowering, Hanging Plants
Species Azalea
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