34in. Hanging Cream Azalea Vine, Indoor Artificial

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With fake azalea vines there's never a dull or withering moment. These radiant polyblend flowers come ready to freshen up sitting rooms, living areas and low-lit apartment corners. Swap in replica azaleas anywhere real plants can't go, or just enjoy them as a lower-maintenance design alternative. Each fake azalea stem comes with 7 hardy stalks featuring lifelike green foliage, cream-colored blossoms and bendable vines. High-grade plastic is reinforced with wires to give arrangers freedom to maneuver and shape as desired. For installation, just choose a favorite brand of floral foam or plaster of Paris will do.

Picturing silk azalea flowers in another color? This fake vine style also comes in red and pink blossoms. Green-only plants are also available for lush layering. All indoor vines can display near windows without fading.

More Information
Height 34"
Sizes 34"
Color Cream
Flower Color Cream
In Planter No
Type Flowering, Hanging Plants
Species Azalea
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