34in. Hanging Pink Azalea Vine, Indoor Artificial

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Flex your flower arranging muscles with faux azaleas for indoor display. Azaleas are the ideal artificial hanging plants owing to blossoms that appear year-round and an overall hardy nature. Gorgeous strands of pink and green will look convincing in any season for attractive business, home and condominium décor. Show them off in suspended baskets as artificial hanging plants or create dangling tabletop arrangements that lend dimension to any room.

Faux azaleas also feature:
  • Durable commercial plastic construction
  • Lifelike finishing on all 7 vine stalks, leaves and flowers
  • Wire-reinforced strands for bendable, flexible arranging
  • Partial UV-rating to preserve color near windows
  • Other flower color options (red, cream) or a non-flowering green vine

Want to make artificial hanging plants a part of your next interior design project? Order online or call toll free to ask about custom order options.

More Information
Height 34"
Sizes 34"
Color Pink
Flower Color Pink
In Planter No
Type Flowering, Hanging Plants
Species Azalea
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