Outdoor Artificial Reeds & Tall Grasses

Outdoor Artificial Reeds & Tall Grasses

Artificial horsetail reeds combine the native beauty of these two recognizable plants with the convenience of faux plants. Outdoor artificial horse tail and artificial reeds from Planters Unlimited are lifelike, durable outdoor rated products with UV protection built in to prevent fading.

Utilize artificial horsetail reeds or outdoor artificial bamboo for easy enhancement of commercial exteriors, whether planting simply for beauty or creating a purposeful barrier. For example, tall artificial reeds and bamboo are an easy way to block the eye from unsightly commercial necessities such as large trash receptacles or gutters for water runoff.

Outdoor artificial reeds come in various heights and are sold in clusters, by the foot or individually, depending on the product. Click on categories below for more information.

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Tall shoots of artificial horsetail reeds and artificial bamboo look fresh and will pique the interest of passersby - an unbeatable combination in commercial settings. Brought to you by Planters Unlimited, outdoor artificial bamboo and artificial reeds are a durable, lifelike and UV protected faux alternative to costly and maintenance laden live planting.

Starting with artificial outdoor reeds, our faux plants are modeled after the popular horsetail variety. Our customers will find artificial horsetail reeds are available in four sizes including 18", 32", 42" and the tallest option measuring at a 60" height. No matter the scale of your project, artificial outdoor reeds are rated for durable exterior use. An agent that protects against UV damage and fading is injected into each of the artificial reeds for superior protection from solar rays.

Similar to artificial outdoor reeds, our outdoor artificial bamboo also has UV protection built in. Unlike faux plants that require spray on substances, our artificial bamboo and reeds are inherently fade resistant and don't require harsh chemical add-ons. Our outdoor artificial bamboo can be purchased in clusters, by the foot or in custom arrangements.

Artificial horsetail reeds or bamboo make a lovely addition to commercial spaces and landscaping. Insert them around trickling fountains, along walkways, in planters flanking an outdoor patio, or use tall artificial reeds and artificial bamboo as a natural looking screen.

Many commercial customers are turning to tall grass, bamboo and reed species as a substitute for more conventional types of bushes. Outdoor artificial bamboo and artificial reeds are a particularly inviting solution in finicky climates where supporting live plant growth is complicated, time consuming and expensive.

Outdoor artificial bamboo and artificial horsetail reeds from Planters Unlimited are sold and ship un-potted. Commercial planters are available for separate purchase via our website. Check out the options and shop our Planters by Material or Planters by Shape categories.

For questions on artificial outdoor reeds or artificial bamboo, or to discuss and obtain quotes for custom projects, a knowledgeable Planters Unlimited project manager is available by phone: 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.