Indoor Artificial Reeds

Indoor Artificial Reeds

Breathe new life into design spaces with indoor artificial horsetail reeds modeled after equisetum. Lifelike fake reeds are available to order individually or by the foot to achieve desired effects. Great for use as:

  • "Green" privacy screens - partial to fuller coverage
  • Creative, modern room dividers
  • Decorative artificial horsetail reed
  • Cover-up of interior flaws

Based on textural equisetum, each artificial horsetail reed embodies the natural roughness, height and varied tone of the species. The resulting fake reeds are stunning in their realism with the added benefit of versatile display. In other words, they can go anywhere with or without a planter. Create custom arrangements of indoor artificial horsetail reeds to refresh dull waiting rooms, modernize a café dining room, or to cover up old baseboards. No water necessary.

For Custom Artificial Horsetail Reed displays, call:
7am - 5pm PST, M-F

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Give commercial interiors a modern boost using artificial horsetail reed arrangements. Our realistic fake reeds are a top quality replica of live equisetum. As if plucked straight from the ground, they embody all the tonal and textural dimension of this stunning vascular plant species.

Designing with Indoor Artificial Horsetail Reeds

Tall green reeds are a true interior design asset per their versatile, vertical profile. At thick densities, fake reeds come together to provide coverage for privacy, space delineation or decoration. And in sparser arrangements the horsetail's alluring texture and rich coloration serve to highlight the assets of a design space.

At Artificial Plants Unlimited, we make our faux reeds available to purchase in two formats:

  • Artificial horsetail sold by the individual reed
  • Custom artificial reed arrangements in any size or density

In addition, customers can choose to display faux equisetum with or without planters. Through our sister site, Planters Unlimited, we offer the finest in commercial-grade fiberglass, composite, wood and metal plant containers to satisfy any design aesthetic - from traditional to modern.

Make an Interior Design Investment

For commercial, hospitality and luxury home design, adding an artificial plantscape yields long-term, low-maintenance results. Artificial horsetail reeds are made of the highest quality synthetic materials that are molded, texturized and colored with strong attention to detail. Buy fake reeds once and install them with the assurance that you've made a smart, long-term investment in gorgeous interior design.

How do I begin my faux reed design?

Buy artificial equisetum reeds online in the format and quantity desired. Not sure how much to buy or which density is best for your project? We encourage our customers to contact us for design consultation prior to ordering. Our team of knowledgeable plantscape project managers can recommend:

  • Standard, medium or thick coverage based on design specs
  • A goal number of individual fake reeds or by-the-foot measurements
  • Display options including corresponding commercial planter styles

Call today to begin your artificial horsetail reed design, and be on your way to a fresh, modern interior makeover.