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Boxwood Hedges

Boxwood Hedges

Lush and green without watering or trimming, our artificial Duraleaf Boxwood Hedges are the perfect zero-maintenance greenery. With their lifelike boxwood design and their durable, UV-protected foliage, these hedges also make natural-looking space dividers and privacy screens, indoors or out. Fill in your yard or line a courtyard or patio with these thick, green beauties that won’t wither or fade, even in the scorching sun and freezing cold.


Choose from a variety of hedge sizes, or we can create a custom hedge size for you. Our Duraleaf Boxwood Hedges are available on their own or in the Modern planter of your choice.

Features & Benefits

  • Zero-maintenance greenery
  • Thick, lush, lifelike design
  • Great as privacy hedges and space dividers
  • Durable, fade-free construction


  • Hedge size
  • In planter
  • Planter size, shape, color, and finish
  • Fire-retardant designs
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  1. Boxwood Hedges with Planter, Outdoor
  2. Boxwood Hedges, Outdoor
    Boxwood Hedges, Outdoor

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  3. Duraleaf Boxwood Hedges, Outdoor
  4. Custom Boxwood Bushes, Outdoor
  5. Boxwood Hedges, Indoor
    Boxwood Hedges, Indoor

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  6. Duraleaf Boxwood Hedges, Indoor
  7. Boxwood Hedges, Fire Retardant
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High-Quality Artificial Plants

Our outdoor artificial plants look anything but fake. Each hedge is made of the highest quality commercial-grade materials, including special components to withstand moisture and UV rays. That means no matter how harsh the conditions, these hedges won't wither or fade. Our boxwood hedges are designed to mimic their living counterparts in regards to color, size, texture, and density. In fact, each branch is hand placed on a rust-free iron grid at varying angles to make the hedges look as lifelike as possible. With fake plants this high quality, your neighbors and customers will wonder how you can keep your plants in top shape year round.

Customizable Boxwood Hedges

Our boxwood hedges come in a variety of sizes to meet your exact needs. We also have a huge selection of planters with finishes ranging from matte black to chic metallic silver. That means you can create the perfect combination of hedge and planter to match your design style. Intimate areas can use small hedges in an earthy adobe finish, while large modern spaces can use larger hedges in chic metal planters. If you can't find the right plant for your space, call our representatives, and we can custom make a hedge that will fit your area perfectly.

Functional Faux Plants

Artificial hedges are for more than just looking great - they can also serve multiple functional purposes in your space as well. Use large plants to create walls of privacy hedges in open dining spaces, cover boring walls or eyesores, or use smaller hedges to line an entryway or improve the flow of your space. The possibilities are truly endless. Even better, artificial hedges in planters can be moved to accommodate different events and customers, meaning you aren't locked into one design plan like you might be with living plants. With artificial hedges, you can truly get the best of both worlds - style and function.