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Branches & Sticks

Branches & Sticks

Artificial Hedges & Privacy Planters

Privacy planters and planter barriers don’t have to be boring! Make any commercial or residential space extra special with artificial hedges and partitions made with premium faux plants such as:

  • Ivy
  • Bamboo
  • Boxwood
  • Birch
  • Tall grass
  • Horsetail Reeds
  • Cypress

Style and function - Artificial hedges Our premium faux hedges and artificial planters not only add to the overall aesthetics of a space but are also highly functional. Artificial planters work as commercial sidewalk barriers and parklet enclosures, they create privacy nooks on restaurant patios and block views to unseemly elements like AC units or electrical boxes.

Faux hedges that look great and last - Our designers design each leaf and stem for maximum realism and our engineers ensure our artificial hedges can withstand the sun’s rays. To make our outdoor faux hedges fade-resistant, we blend in UV blocking additives into the resin during the manufacturing process. This is in contrast to how others only spray on a sunscreen that soon washes off or burns away. We also make our artificial planters tough and sturdy to withstand the rigors of a commercial setting.

Available in standard and custom shapes and sizes. From artificial planters only 2 feet long to extra large outdoor artificial hedges of over 6 feet long, we have a solution for any area. We also offer faux hedges with planters - we work alongside our sister company Planters Unlimited to make the commercial-grade fiberglass planters used for our Hedges-in-Planters Collection. In addition to adding a sense of sumptuous, lush greenery to any space, our faux hedges require little-to-no maintenance and last for years. No matter why you need them, you’ll find the right artificial hedges here or call us for a quote on a custom artificial hedge solution - 1-888-320-0626.

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