Standard 3 Ball Hanging Topiary Spheres, Indoor Rated

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Rekindle your love of interior and exterior home décor with an indoor boxwood hedge or faux boxwood balls. These Hanging Topiary Spheres are standard with a trio of handcrafted balls that hang from a single chain. They're durable and reliable with a track record of long-lasting use throughout the year - and every triplet of these spheres features a flourishing array of nature-inspired greenery. Each of these faux boxwood balls is specifically rated for indoor use - however, they can be used outdoors, as long as they are covered with a porch or patio roof. Indoor use requires occasional dusting and fluffing.

More Information
Height 11", 13", 15"
Diameter 11", 13", 15"
Color Green
Shape Sphere
Species Boxwood
Type Hanging Plants
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