Large 3 Ball Hanging Topiary Spheres, Indoor Rated

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Make the most of your sitting area and living space our assortment of boxwood design ideas to beautifully enrich your home décor. These artificial topiary plants are abundant and flourishing with well-manicured, handcrafted leaves in various shades of green. Their overall appearance features a trio of large spheres in ascending order - all attached to a convenient hanging chain. While these gorgeous spheres require minimum upkeep - it would still be a good idea to dust or fluff them occasionally to maintain their flawless beauty. Where outdoor use is concerned - our artificial topiary plants are not weather-resistant, so keep them sufficiently covered.

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Height 15", 19", 21"
Diameter 15", 19", 21"
Color Green
Shape Sphere
Species Boxwood
Type Hanging Plants
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