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Artificial Foliage Frames

Artificial Foliage Frames

Whether you are in search for new restaurant decor ideas, unique signage, or are an event rental company looking for fresh new products to offer, Artificial Foliage Frames are a great choice to showcase your business. Made from authentic-looking, high-quality synthetics, our outdoor foliage frames are made from the highest quality of outdoor artificial plants. As such, the ivy faux foliage we use is UV-protected to prevent damage from weather extremes, from harsh sunlight in summer to harsh rain, wind, and snow in winter.

These maintenance-free faux foliage frames consist of either:

  • Duraleaf Japanese Boxwood
  • English Ivy
  • Plush Boxwood.

Regardless of the foliage variety you select, it will be hand-fastened to sturdy steel frames, creating a reliable and memorable architectural accent. Using outdoor artificial plants material, it's easy to modernize menu boards or even use them to make flat screen TVs and monitors blend into decor with elegance. Give your design a long overdue facelift with life-like lush faux foliage.

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  1. Boxwood Living Wall Frame, Outdoor
  2. UV Protected English Ivy Frames
  3. Duraleaf Japanese Boxwood Frames, Outdoor
  4. Indoor Japanese Boxwood Living Walls
  5. Boxwood Living Wall Frame, Indoor
  6. Indoor English Ivy Frames
    Indoor English Ivy Frames

    Starting at $173.85

  7. Japanese Boxwood Frame, Indoor
  8. Plush 3in. Japanese Boxwood Frame, Indoor
  9. Fire Retardant Boxwood Frame
    Fire Retardant Boxwood Frame

    Starting at $173.85

  10. Fire Retardant English Ivy Frames
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Faux Foliage Frames Sets The Stage For Outdoor Elegance

One of the wonderful aspects that outdoor artificial plants are beneficial includes the diverse ways they can highlight your business. This is particularly true when organized and presented in rich-looking faux foliage frames. Besides conveying a sense of natural greenery, they are functional as well as beautiful when used as sign holders. Comprised of several leaf styles, including Duraleaf Japanese boxwood, English Ivy or Plush Boxwood, they stand up to the harshest weather conditions. What's more, because they are treated with special coatings, the faux foliage offers advanced UV protection which extends the life and vibrant color of these beautiful frames, their lifelike poly-blend material lasting years into the future.

UV Protection On No-Maintenance Plants That Save you Money

What's more, the outdoor artificial plants material is thick and lush, mounted on a strong powder coated steel grid. Collectively, both plant material and frame require none of the maintenance that live plants do. There's no watering, no trimming, no expense. And they are easy to keep looking fresh like the day you purchased them as both frame and material is rust and moisture resistant. This is due to the very density in which the material is affixed. To clean up, just take a damp cloth or a light spray and wash away any debris that may have accumulate.

These stunning Faux English Ivy Frames make perfect exterior restaurant sign borders, for camping stores, shopping malls, dentists and doctors' offices, and much more. Even coffee shops and organic stores love to display these attractive frames as placeholders to announce messages to customers in an eco-friendly way, reducing their carbon footprint in the process. Being fully customizable, they can even be made as three-dimensional units to create even greater eye-catching impact. And speaking of customization, while these Outdoor Artificial Foliage Frames are available in three standard sizes, up to 70 inches in length, we can custom build them to any size you require, to your exact specification down to the quarter inch.

So if your business could use a freshening up, contact our sales department today for any of the stock sizes we have available or to discuss customization options.

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