39in. Agave Macroacantha, Indoor

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Revamp the look and feel of your home and office interiors with a Giant Aeonium Plant that is a beautifully imposing focal point for your current décor. Measuring 39-inches in vivacious height - these faux houseplants are flourishing and vivid in an array of detailed, green tones. They are lengthy and sleek with prominent leaves that extend from a well-manicured, clipped base. And each leaf is nature-inspired and shaped beautifully - perfect for keeping your Giant Aeonium Plant safe from cracking, withering, and other indoor damage. While these are intended for interior design, you can opt for outdoor display as long as each plant remains covered beneath a patio, porch, or gazebo.

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Height 39"
Species Aeonium, Succulent
Color Green
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