3' Spathiphyllum Bush W/ Flowers

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The Spathiphyllum Bush can often be found in funeral homes and cemeteries. It is also a popular houseplant. Also referred to as the peace lily, this bush is often recognized by its large green foliage. Having a real plant will require regular watering and maintenance. A substitute for a real plant, the artificial Spathiphyllum Bush with 3 Flowers from Artificial Plants Unlimited allows you to have the beauty of a real plant without the hassle of caring for it. With no maintenance required, place your Spathiphyllum Bush in your home, office, or commercial property. This artificial bush has a height of 3' and contains three gorgeous flowers sprouting from the center.

More Information
Height 3'
Sizes 3'
Color White
Flower Color White
Type Flowering
Species Lily
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