Boxwood Artificial Outdoor Living Wall 96in.L x 48in.H

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Living walls provide a beautiful, ecologically sound way to partition off areas for added privacy in dining areas, commercial sitting spaces, or anywhere you want to mark off specific locales for an intended purpose. Unfortunately, they can also be costly, hard to maintain, and not well-suited for those who don't have the time or money for the proper upkeep. That's why we offer this fake green wall. It offers the aesthetic appeal you're looking for, but it won't require any maintenance from you. Faux boxwood hedge leaves are placed strategically along a wire frame, giving the impression that it has grown into place along a wall or trellis. This realistic design will have everyone fooled. Only you have to know the plants are artificial.

Ideal for commercial settings to partition off gathering areas, sitting spaces, or dining locations where guests may want a bit of privacy. Or place them throughout a garden or landscape design for added greenery anywhere. Aside from occasional cleaning, no maintenance is required. The hedge will never become overgrown, and it doesn't need any watering or pruning.

Customize with various sizes to accommodate any area. Leaves are UV protected to prevent fading, maintaining their realistic appearance over time.

More Information
Length 96"
Height 48"
Format Rigid Living Wall
Color Green
Species Boxwood
Type Living Wall
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