20in. Aster Succulent

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The Unique Aster Succulent

Is it a flower, a cactus, a tropical bloom? This tall Aster succulent is sure to keep you guessing, which is why it is such a delightfully unique addition to our collection of indoor artificial plants. Standing nearly two feet in height, this flowering succulent plant is sure to draw eyes with intriguing vertical appeal. The multi-faceted personality of these blooming faux succulents makes them a wonderfully adaptable decorative accent piece. The palm-like appearance makes them a welcome part of tropical or nautical décor. The succulent quality helps them to fit in with Southwestern- and tribal-style spaces. And the angular geometric quality of this Aster succulent means that it can be used without a hitch in contemporary décor.

Faux Succulents for Popular Design

Indoor succulent gardening has become an extremely popular decorative pastime in recent years. Succulents come in so many sizes, shapes, and colors that they give you an endless decorating palette. They can be cultivated in pots small enough to fit on your kitchen windowsill or grown large-scale in expansive living wall planters. But as easy as succulents may be to keep, nothing can beat artificial plants when it comes to maintenance-free natural appeal. With our indoor faux succulents we give you that breathtaking realistic look in a product that will last for years without any upkeep on your part. This Aster succulent doesn't require fertilizer, water, or even sunlight.

Displaying Artificial Plants Indoors

The long green stem of this fake succulent ends in a starburst of plump petals that resemble the perennial Aster flower. Light yellow-green fades to a lovely bluish-lavender. You have a number of options when it comes to displaying this distinctive plant. Since it has a vertical appeal it goes well in tall vases or urns, alone or with an arrangement of other fake flowers. You can also "plant" the Aster succulent in a decorative pot to make it look like a live, growing houseplant.

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Height 20"
Species Aster, Succulent
Color Green, Purple
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