30in. Outdoor Artificial Impatiens Vine - Coral

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You already know that window boxes are an ideal way to add color and curb appeal to your home, but what do you do when the weather turns cold and your flowers or greenery are no longer quite so healthy? Adding some impatiens to your window box, or other outdoor planters, is an ideally suited way to keep the vibrant green hues going all year round. You don't have to have a green thumb or ideal soil conditions to reap the aesthetic perks of having flowers around. These faux flowers are designed to look like the real thing, but don't require any ongoing maintenance from you. No watering, pruning away dead leaves, or trimming is every required. Additionally, they'll never outgrow their planter, so the design you come up with is the one you'll maintain over the long haul.

These vining plants are ideal for spilling over window boxes and other outdoor planters. They're treated to allow them to maintain their coloring over time, without fading and other damage related to being placed in full sun. You'll also find that they're highly durable, since they're crafted from a polyblend material that naturally maintains its shape over time. However, if you design you want a slightly different arrangement, they can also be removed and replanted elsewhere, and you won't have to worry about damaging delicate root systems that would cause real plants to struggle.

Don't have the perfect planter picked out yet? Ask our design professionals, and we'll help you discover our stylish collections, allowing you to easily choose which item works best for you. We'll even "plant" the vines for you with soil covering for an even more authentic appearance.

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Height 30"
Species Impatiens
Color Coral
Flower Color Coral
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